Why should I do my own research instead of just asking ChatGPT?

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Grant H Brenner
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While ChatGPT is designed to provide information and answer questions to the best of its abilities, there are several reasons why doing your own research can be beneficial:

Deeper Understanding: Researching a topic on your own allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter. You can explore different perspectives and sources of information, and develop your own thoughts and opinions on the topic.

GHB Comments: There is something irreplacable about actually doing the work. It affects the brain differently, takes more time, encourages biological and psychological processes which otherwise are unexercised.

Critical Thinking: Conducting your own research requires you to think critically about the information you find. You’ll need to evaluate the credibility of sources, consider potential biases, and assess the relevance of the information.

GHB Comments: I knew that.

Personal Growth: Doing your own research can be a valuable learning experience. You’ll develop skills such as effective search strategies, critical thinking, and information literacy that can be applied to other areas of your life.

GHB Comments: Is that different from “deeper understanding”? I guess so.

Customization: When you do your own research, you can tailor the information to your specific needs and interests. ChatGPT may provide a general answer to your question, but you may want more specific information or want to explore the topic in more depth.

GHB Comments: You can also just rephrase the question, or re-generate a response, though.

Overall, while ChatGPT can be a useful resource for answering questions, doing your own research can provide a more comprehensive understanding of a topic and enhance your personal growth and development.

GHB: There’s no substitute for doing it yourself.



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